UPDATED: Basic Chinese Dictatorship + Two Faces

Mr. Chinese Basic Dictatorship

UPDATE: Toronto sun columnist Brian Lilley has written an op-ed this morning that updates on JFT’s reaction to the Chinese Election Fraud scandal. Here is the Link:

Lilley: Trudeau calls queries about China’s alleged election interference racist

Greencrow comments: I highly recommend readers read this report carefully because it reveals JFT’s [by now standard] response to these kinds of scandals which are now almost daily in occurrence. What he does is attack his accuser with the same allegation that he’s been charged with. In this case, “racism”. His methodology of ensuring the nomination of his co-conspirator, Han Dong, was to bring in busloads of Chinese seniors and students [who had been identified and bullied by the CCP] to swamp the ballot. This was a cynical racist ploy.

“…In a free democracy, it is not up to unelected security officials to dictate to political parties who can or cannot run,” Trudeau said when asked directly about the claims.

That’s true, but after spending months telling Canadians we can be sure that our elections are safe due to the work of Canada’s security and intelligence agencies, it’s odd that Trudeau would attack them. When pressed again on this issue, a reporter looking for a clear answer was told it’s racist to ask…”


Greencrow comments: Turdblossom Telford must have been up all night cooking that one up! It’s a real gaslighter! Here’s an interesting interview with one of the Chinese MP’s that the co-conspirators took out in the last selection. He talks about the bullying on Chinese-Canadian citizens done by Communist China with the [criminal/treasonous] approval of the Liberal regime:


Good Morning beloved Sentients! We are under a “snowfall warning’ here on the Malahat but, tucked away in our cozy cabin, we’re snug as bugs in a rug. Being shut in by the weather takes some pressure off to do things so I can write and putter around with crafts.

Speaking of writing/blogging…check out the post I put up last night about JFTurvert. I included a multitude of important background links supporting my theory that JFT is enjoying his last few days tormenting Canadians with his “in your face” hatred of us and terminal corruption/criminality.

Today, there’s more on Twitter. Below is a ‘smoking gun’ video of JFT [or one of his doubles] campaigning for Chinese Communist agent Han Dong during the last selection. Who would shake the Han of Dong NOW, I ask.


Here is a video showing Justin Trudeau campaigning for #HanDong even after he was briefed by CSIS that he is a Chinese government, CCP asset. https://youtu.be/sfhOPS5xJiQ #CSISLEAKS

Han Dong, Chinese Communist Agent, is still a Canadian Liberal Party Member of Parliament


Here is what Twitterer Laura Love says this morning about JFT:

“Mr@JustinTrudeau can no longer hide behind the wall or his justify spies operating in Canada due to his admiration for CCP’s “basic dictatorship”. The undercurrent & possibly motivations for some: Attempting to put our IC, public service and policing leaders under the bus during the POEC will remain his downfall and his advisor

@telfordk greatest blunder. Anyone who stays beside Trudeau after this week is complicit, courts much closer scrutiny and i expect due to this many are, in fact are making an exit strategy as I type this due to this current situation. Thoughts: “It’s not going to get better until you wise up” as one song lyric once opined.. the time for resignations is upon the LPC. The time for the NDP to stop providing a “parliamentary shield” is long past due. The continued perversion and circumvention of our system of parliament is coming to an end. May the laws of the land protect you if all you do was honest and within the laws.”


Greencrow comments: The Mainstream Media appears, on the surface at least, to be having a belated return of ethics in journalism…by pointing out the criminal, deeply corrupt and cynically racist electoral ploys of JFTurvert. BUT they keep saying that Communist China “intervened” or “interfered” in the Canadian elections. Those are weasel words, folks. The two co-conspirators Communist China and the Liberal Party of Canada did NOT “intervene” or “interfere”…rather, they conspired to fraud the Canadian elections. Use the word FRAUD–not ‘Intervene’! Fraud is a crime…”intervene” means nothing. This implies that, while the MSM wants JFT gone, they do not want him in jail for the CRIME of ELECTORAL FRAUD. Keep that important difference in mind.



Folks, here’s another mystery. I first noticed it over a year ago but wasn’t convinced enough to put my suspicions into a blog post…it’s just TOO outlandish! But it’s come up over and over on Twitter. Just this past weekend following two public appearances by JFT, it blew up into the open. There appears to be TWO entities posing as JFT. One of them has a thin face and one of them has a fat face. Here’s the latest pictorial evidence:


Picture #1 – JT slamming Christine Anderson Picture #2 – JT Slava Ukraine speech Both pictures are of the “same” man just three days apart. But, there seems to be a notable difference….

“Skinny Face” Trudeau

“Fat Face” Trudeau

People first began to notice this comment on it broadly after Trudeau’s hightailing it to his Harrington Retreat in the Quebec mountains when the Trucker Freedom Convoy came to Ottawa in February 2022. When he finally appeared at the door of his Harrington Hideaway after being MIA for several days…it was the “fat faced” Trudeau that showed up at the snowy doorway. Meanwhile, there were rumours that JFT had been spotted at the other end of Canada, Tofino BC by some real estate agents there who were convinced they saw him buying a secluded property on the beach.

I would not be at all surprised if JFT had a clone to stand in for him. After all, how many “Fuck Trudeau!” events can one individual attend? Perhaps this cloning is one of the reasons Sophie left him years ago now. She never knew who was going to show up in her bed–fat or skinny Trudeau!!! : )

Speaking of JFTurvert’s ex-wife Sophie Gregoire, wonder if she’ll show up at his side when he delivers his resignation speech in a few days. More to the point…wonder which JFT will deliver the speech…and which one will do jail time! LOL…he’s taken us over the edge, folks.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Basic Chinese Dictatorship + Two Faces

  1. Another thing different in the two pictures is the eye brows. They are completely different, especially the inner ends. Yes, it certainly looks like he has a double. I wonder how much he pays him.

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  2. You get what you deserve, to all the fools who voted for this pantie waste and jughead have at it . The drug addled sheep can enjoy this shit show. my forefathers must be rolling in their graves.

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    1. It’s having a long view of events that has kept me as grounded as I am folks. I remember what a decent government was like…even Pierre Trudeau would not have stooped to the insanity and criminal corruption of his son JFT. I know…I was there.
      And if he had…the RCMP would have arrested him long ago.


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