UPDATED: Canada’S NEW NAME – “corruptada”

Toronto Office of Canada’s National Broadcaster CBC is plastered with testimonies of the Vax Injured that have been ignored by the government[s] treated like lepers since they became injured from the experimental mRNA gene-editing injections.HT FreakedOut

UPDATED: February 28, 2023 – Snowed in today. Power was off for nine hours and just came back on. We had generator running. Expecting grandkids to come up and play [schools are closed] in the two feet of powder snow that has fallen in the past 48 hours. Just checking to see the latest in the JFT Crisis of Leadership going on back in that hellhole Ottawa. See that Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun has another great report here. It sickens the stomach that he’s playing the race card to cover up one of the most racist, not to mention criminal electoral frauds in all time–in any of the modern democracies! Here is one of the many salient paragraphs of Lilley’s report;

Lilley: Trudeau warns Journalists that questions about China’s election interference are racist and should stop

“…Later in the news conference, CBC reporter Lorenda Reddekopp asked a straight-up question, seeking to get Trudeau to clarify what he meant.

“Just a follow up on that question on CSIS and Han Dong. Are you saying that they didn’t warn you? Or were you warned and you chose to dismiss it for those reasons? Just wanted some clarification,” Reddekopp said to Trudeau.

“One of the things we’ve seen, unfortunately, over the past years is a rise in anti-Asian racism linked to the pandemic and concerns being raised or arisen around people’s loyalties,” Trudeau said…”

Greencrow comments: So, JFT called the reporter a racist–simply for asking him to clarify what he had said earlier about CSIS informing him about electoral irregularities. The significant change in what’s going on here now is the MSM [CBC] has become the target of JFT’s insane accusations and flailing invective. Now, they AND THEIR SHEEPLE AUDIENCE will know and understand what we sentients have had to bear for over three years!

Will keep on updating the blog as the massive political truck crash continues…stay tuned!



Conservative MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis from this morning’s Twitter:

“CSIS uncovered:

2014 Gov of China sponsored $1M donation to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation.

2019 China’s Communist Party interference

2021 elections—the PM refused to listen to CSIS.

2022 China having police stations in Canada. To stop this destruction, Trudeau must resign.

February 27, 2023 Folks this is a bonus post to stay up to date with this fast moving story. Why it’s so fast moving is because the scandals are tumbling out of the jam packed closet. If you haven’t seen my previous post of just this morning you can find the link to it HERE.

Watch the video directly above. It’s one of the best musical/news compilations I’ve see so far.

Can it get any more corrupt than THIS?

Man picked to write report on Chinese election interference ran Trudeau Foundation when big donations came in from China

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Canada’S NEW NAME – “corruptada”

  1. Oh, Greencrow, the corruption pit for the crime minister does seem bottomless. My question is, will he slither out of this one too? Every day a new pile to add to the shit show.


  2. I hadn’t watched the last video when I commented. Excellent compilation. Looking forward to sending this out. Thanks Greencrow for all your hard work. Hope you aren’t snowed in for a second day.


  3. That’s a fantastic musical compilation OkanaganGoddess…who knew JFT and Christine Anderson sing so well together…they’re Rock Stars! LOL.
    The Question now is…how long can JFT hold out and how much MORE damage can he do to Canada before they drag him offstage!


  4. Sadly, its all over but the whining. The turdmiester will not stop or step aside until some radical shift occurs externally to, or internally within the gov’t. This train is going to the end of the line, like it or not.

    The fact that according to some reports PRC has been able to influence our electoral process since 2014(?) in one form or another begs the question, how possibly could it have gone on for as long as it has? And absolutely nothing been done to rectify the situation? The answer is a foregone conclusion; the gov’t no longer represents the people of kanada, only its own interests and/or those external to the people and country. The ear tags are invisible to us..

    Most unfortunately, the average person will utterly fail to comprehend this until its too late and they’ll be wondering why they can no longer afford to heat their house, purchase food once easily obtained, travel or even put gas in the tank. Forget about paying off the mortgage or purchasing a cottage somewhere. Perhaps at this point the light may start to go off and they’ll wonder ..how and why did we get here? Who’s responsible, and how do we change it?

    Assuredly those changes are not going to be via the mainstream media on the 6’oclock news….. As harsh as it may sound, until the average sentient realises the entire gov’t is corrupt from top to bottom, produce nothing, and are not there to the benefit of the average Kanadian… nothing will actually change. The closest to this was the convoy from last feburary… and look how that ended.. the notion of the right to self determination has by and large, gone the way of the dodo. Changing beliefs is an uphill battle, especially when people expect to get things for “free”…

    The last stop will be in implementation of a digital currency, which will signal the end of freedom as we know it. Cash outlawed. Or as a bureaucrat may put it, “you will have a specified period of time to convert existing cash assets to the verified digital equivilent, after which it will no longer be considered a medium of exchange.”

    So now every transaction will be traceable.. for those who don’t wish to participate in the brave new world, life is about to get a whole lot more challenging.. think about paying your hydro, phone or gas bill? property taxes? Game over.

    Really hoping to be wrong and that it never comes to this..

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  5. Thanks for your comment, MRK. I do agree that we are on the precipice of either total AI/digital slavery or a complete revolution. What concerns me the most is JFT’s “in your face” determination to a) stay in office and b) continue his path to perdition. He seems to have factored in our push/back and have a strategy to defeat us.


  6. Hi Greencrow;

    We already know much of the Canadian government has been infiltrated by an external group that does not have the best interests of Canadians at heart – the WEF.
    We also know that the COVID bioweapon and vaccine program was run by the U.S. Department of Defense – another group that does not have the best interests of Canadians at heart.
    Now we learn that the communist Chinese are deeply involved in Canadian politics, and more – again, a group that does not have the best interests of Canadians at heart.

    The question becomes, how many more nefarious groups are vying for a slice of Canada with the blessing of our government.

    Besides, as your recent post showing the man in the tan jacket noted, they’ve already gotten away with murder; not to mention all the death surrounding the “safe and effective” jab, so not much wonder Trudeau is unfazed by the CSIS reveal – just another day at the office….


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