Sodom and Gomorrah here we come!

Drag Queen Library Story Hour in Portland, Oregon

More perversion–perpetrated to deliberately traumatized and twist the malleable little minds of youngsters.


Good morning sentients. Still snowed in here on the Malahat, although it’s slightly above freezing and the two feet of snow has become heavy and is melting.

Today I want to change topics for a moment. Recently, I’ve been posting about the terminal corruption in our Canadian government institutions. Political corruption is only one of the prongs of a multi-pronged agenda of total corruption of the human species. The corruption is pervasive throughout all our societal institutions and it is coordinated and deliberate. The article below reports on how the perpZ have used the mental illness of transgender obsessive compulsion disorder to destroy women’s sports. Please read and I will submit my conclusion as to WHY this disgusting perversion is being forced on humanity after the report.


BONOKOSKI: An eye-opening new report on women’s views of trans athletes

ByMark Bonokoski

“By a wide margin, elite female athletes have rejected the idea of allowing male-bodied athletes to compete in their women’s sport.

This comes from a Sport Canada commissioned report which the Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI) think tank managed to obtain via an Access to Information request.

Ottawa’s initial attempts to obstruct the release of the report so critical of its policy is likely due to this blatant rejection by female athletes.

The report, Canadian High-Performance Female Athletes’ Voices: Transgender Inclusion in Elite and Olympic Sport Guidelines, was the first attempt in Canada to consult the women living with the consequences of the new policies that “rank transgender inclusion as more important than safety, fairness, and equality of the sexes.”

In a new MLI commentary by Linda Blade, a prominent coach, leader in the female sport community and a former high-performance track-and-field athlete, looks at the report that provides a deep study of the attitudes of 25 current or former elite female athletes who speak about how this policy exchange affected them and their colleagues.

And it is not even close.

First, 91.7% of the female athletes interviewed agreed that female athletes should have the right to compete in dedicated female sport categories in sex-affected sports.

And, when considering the scientific evidence, 88% agree that transwomen (biological males) have a competitive advantage over females.

Plus, 88% of respondents also disagreed when asked if gender identities are more important than biological sex when deciding eligibility in high performance sports.

It was that one-sided.

As Blade concludes, the survey shows that “most of the athletes consider biological sex to be more important than gender identity in eligibility criteria for high-performance sport categories.”

“They feel they have not been consulted, that their voices are often dismissed, and that they are unable to speak about this policy area without being called transphobic. They voice considerable sadness, distress, frustration, fear, and anger,” she wrote

According to Blade, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) bears responsibility for enabling the current policy mess.

Despite its primary mandate being to spread the anti-doping message, the CCES implored national sports organizations (NSOs) to include male-born persons in the female category based upon self-identified gender status alone.

“Compliance by NSOs has only resulted in a hitherto unknown form of sex discrimination that is both painful and difficult to understand,” said Blade.

In 2021, a relatable MLI poll revealed significant findings regarding Canadians’ views on gender identity and women’s sport that confirm the results of the Sport Canada-commissioned survey report.

By wide margins, Canadians support traditional sex-based categories for competitive sport, believing that allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s competitive events is “unfair.”

The poll also showed that three times as many Canadians believe it is “right” for men and women to compete separately from each other, compared to those who think separate gender categories are “wrong” in sport (56% versus 18%).

Blade has three recommendations for Sports Canada:

Formally withdraw the CCES transgender guidelines;
Overhaul the CCES and ensure that it gets back to focusing on its original mandate; and
Undertake a broad consultation process to create new guidelines for a fair and balanced accommodation of both biological sex and gender identity in Canadian sports.

The findings of this Sports Canada report should come as a surprise to no one.
Canadians, by and large, respect level playing fields, not jerry-rigged changes to feed the latest political-correctness-of-the-day.

Understanding transgender needs and wants is akin to learning a new and very complicated language.

Not everyone has an ear for it.”


Greencrow concludes: Folks, all this perversion has IMO, been strategized and carefully rolled out just as the Plandemic/vaccination HOAX/genocide was rolled out. It is all part of the greater plan or The Great Reset, as Satanist Klaus Schwab calls it.

The vaccinations [amongst other health catastrophes] will bring mass sterility to the young and to all future generations…just as we have seen with the vaccine ‘adverse events’ these effects are not total but are scattered throughout the population…not enough for a massive wakening/outcry but enough to seriously dent the population numbers.

The mRNA gene-editing effects will be handed down to succeeding generations forever. More and more humans will be sterile as a result until the vast majority of humanity is sterile. What effects will that have on human sexuality…the Satanic PerpZ asked themselves when they were setting this up. How will we tamp down the grief and anger humans will experience when they discover their sexuality is for nothing…they can no longer use it for the purpose it was intended–to procreate.

IMO, the satanists devised the trans-gender movement as an outlet for the wasted sexuality that will occur in the future. Instead of forming nuclear families to procreate and raise families as humanity as been doing since the cavemen…humanity will indulge in gender-neutral orgies. “Straight” humans will become the minority and will be forced by cultural means to have sex with transgenders. It’s already starting. I have seen posts on Twitter encouraging straight men to prove they’re not transphobic by having sex with transgender men.

Why are they doing the disgusting Library Drag Queen Story hours? Because pedophiles have always groomed their victims by “playing” with them [like a cat plays with a mouse]. Satanic psychologists know how maleable the child brain is and how easily traumatiZed for life. If they can imprint the disgusting images [that I’ve shown in the photo and video above] into the brains of little children…then the children will be damaged goods for the rest of their lives and they will never know why. They won’t remember being played with like a mouse–and they won’t remember being forced to look upon traumatizing scenes like male genitallia all decked out in feminine lace.

Folks, I worked in Child Protection and dealt with children who had been sexually abused. I can tell you that without a doubt…a sexually abused child is a destroyed child! Ask Theoren Fleury. He’s the former NHL allstar who was abused as a youngster by his hockey coach [who later went to jail]. I follow Theoren on Twitter and believe me he’s like a war veteran…he’s a walking wounded. But he’s still fighting to prevent what happened to him from happening to other youngsters. Even having to witness Theoren watch what’s happening to youngsters exposed to the transgender depravity is painful.

I have noticed that parents are beginning to wake up and take an interest in what’s going on in their children’s schools, sports and other activities. Hopefully they will begin to protect their children both from the gene-editing vaccines AND the grooming pedophilic perversion the government is imposing.

As far as transgenders participating in women’s sports…well, at my age of 76 I have come full circle. When I was a young woman in the 1960’s women were routinely sexually discriminated against in all areas of society–economic, athletic all the way down. In the ensuing decades this systemic discrimination was slowly eliminated–until the past three years. Then it paused…and suddenly ramped up to unbelievable levels. To a point where women in sports aren’t even allowed their own bathroom space, nevermind a level playing field!

Satanists have always hated women. They’re the original misogynists. Why? Because we have the power to create…the greatest power of all…and they MUST rip it out of our hands with their claws.

Stay tuned.

….While Trudeau’s government has recently announced it’s allocating $75,000 per transgender government worker to get cosmetic surgery.

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