Lie upon lie upon lie

“Fatface” Trudeau – speaking at the “Slava Ukraine” Rally in TO last weekend….hopefully this will be the last photo of him to gain notoriety.


NOTE: Before readers get into today’s post, I suggest you check out my important post from yesterday [LINKED HERE] if you have not recently done so. I’ve added quite a few shocking videos supporting my thesis that transgenders are grooming our children for destruction.


Good morning sentients. Just a brief post today with some crucial updates and thoughts. First, if anyone doesn’t know about Roxham Road yet, they should take the time to learn. Watch the video below as a starting point.

Next, here are three analysis from today’s MSM NewZ. The mainstream media is jumping on the Chinese Communist Party/Liberal Regime election scandal. The BIG question is why, after three years, has the MSM turned on “the hand that feeds it” and begun to bite? I will answer that question at the end of this post:

Federal election watchdog launches investigation into foreign interference complaints

John Ivison: Whether the Liberals winked at China’s helpful election meddling is the lingering question

Adam Zivo: Sorry Trudeau, criticizing China’s election interference isn’t ‘racism’

Greencrow concludes: Folks….there’s a whole lotta distraction goin’ on. Keep your eye on the bouncing ball. The Chinese Election Scandal may in fact bring JFT down but only because the only ingredient needed to topple the terminally corrupt domino JFT was an order being given to the MSM by their deep state handlers to do so. The MSM could [and should] have brought him down three years ago and spared Canadians the nightmare of the past three+ years.

Sentients, therefore, have to ask ourselves…why this issue and why now. IMHO, the answers to those questions are:

  1. The Chinese Selection Connivance issue is benign and small–in comparison to the real issue–the Globalist take over of all Western nations [including Canada] and bringing in The Great Reset and it’s “Sustainable Goals Agenda”. They must have done a lot of planning to have arrived at the perfect issue to use as a surgeon’s tool to excise the rotting, cancerous “leader” out of the PMO in Ottawa….without disrupting the multitude of tumours he has placed in each and every governmental, cultural and institutional agency in Canada. Can you IMAGINE?! Trudeau being toppled with nary a word about him shilling like a street corner drug pusher for the genocidal vaccines for the past three years???!!!

2. Why Now? The perpZ have to be very careful not to wake up the Sheeple. That’s their greatest fear. The longer they leave JFT in power and the more damage he does...the more the People’s Party of Canada will gain in credibility and support. The Conservative Party of Pierre Poilievre just cratered a week or so ago–when PP showed up on a “Slava Ukraine” stage with JFT and even wore the same Ukraine scarf! Folks, THAT’s what you call a political error of gigantic proportions. The guy has no real political smarts. Now some of his Conservative MP’s like Dr. Leslyn Lewis might be tempted to jump ship and join the PPC. That would make her the first and only PPC MP and it would be an historic event.

The Roxham Road situation has the potential to blow up in the Liberal Regime’s face at any time. Most Canadians don’t even know about it. Again, this is a pet project of JFT…to swamp Canada with minorities that he can then bully, harass and bribe–to seed unrest and instability in Canada…not to mention burden/weaken our economy. IMO, the Chinese election scandal is being blown up in the MSM press to divert attention away from Roxham Road. Anything but the Globalist Agenda must be capitaliZed upon.

In summary: Just today it looks as if the Chinese Selection Scandal will be neutraliZed by holding another parliamentary investigation. Just like the POEC, this controllable farce will serve the purpose of boring people to death…avoiding police/judicial justice [with jail terms, etc.]. The thing to note about a parliamentary investigation…according to the rules…any evidence produced therefrom CANNOT be admissible in a court of law. Do you see what I’m saying? Therefore, JFT will be excised from power like a cancerous tumour under the scalpel of a skilled surgeon…setting him neatly aside, while allowing all the surrounding tissue to continue to fester.

I don’t even want to go to the topic of Freeland taking over…and the fate of Terrorist Jagmeet Singh...who, as far as I’m concerned, is the most dangerous man in Canada by far. The main takeaway is that, like Elvis…

Big Pharma, as far as the social media/MSM discourse/propaganda is concerned, has left the building.

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