You have to Han it to them…

Turdblossom Telford and JFTurvert “In happier days”.

“If anyone thinks Han Dong woke up one day and decided to go to the Chinese consulate and ask them to continue to detain the two Michaelโ€™s on his own is crazy. The question that must be answered is who ordered him to do this. The RCMP must investigate.”

A Tweet from this afternoon:


“Dong would never have spoken with the Consul about the 2 Michaels without being expressly told to do so by the PMO. Obviously Dong was a back door. LOL JFT put his Dong in China’s back door. This is getting ridiculous!”

Greencrow on Twitter

Good morning beloved readers. Well, I woke up this morning and felt as though a huge load was beginning to be lifted from my shoulders. I never realized until now how much I was burdened by the Turvertian corruption that has been taking place since 2015. I never understood how much it affected me physically and emotionally, knowing that my family and my nation was at the mercy of someone who lies without compunction and is willing to sacrifice even small children to his psychopathic ideology, greed and narcissistic need for control. The fear of what he was capable of was like a Sisyphean stone that I felt compelled to continuously push up a hill…only to see it slide back down again.

Today I feel this stone is finally being lifted by some force that I don’t quite trust [CSIS] but at least there’s some small; chance they might not be psychopaths. I saw on Twitter earlier this morning that by this afternoon the Canadian federal House of Commons is going to pass a resolution to have a Public Hearing into the Chinese Election Fraud Scandal. Will Parliament stand down until the results of that investigation are known? As I’ve said on Twitter, this Parliament has no authority because its power to pass legislation has been contaminated by alleged electoral corruption/fraud. None of the MP’s is legitimate. All are tainted.

Please read watch the following links I got this morning from Twitter which give the latest developments on the scandal and I will have concluding comments to follow:

Greencrow concludes: I am going to update this post throughout the day as developments in this swift moving crisis occur. Here is a good backgrounder to the crisis from The Spectator. Anything could happen at this point. Dong should NOT be sitting as an independent in the HOC but should resign his seat! Who wants to sit beside a traitor in the House of Commons?

I believe that CSIS MUST have an audio recording of the conversation between Dong and the Consul or they would never have made the allegation. Probably in the conversation it becomes clear that Dong is a backdoor between the PMO and Communist China. This, even though such an extreme notion is being denied by the PMO at the moment. If THIS is the case, then the Turd will HAVE to step down!

Folks, if this were happening 50 years ago JFT would be LONG gone by now…like several years ago! As it stands…I’m still thinking the chances of him resigning within the next day or so are 50/50. I mean, Fer God Sakes! He signalled to the Chinese TO KEEP THE 2 MICHAELS [both, btw spies IMO] IN PRISON FOR POLITICAL REASONS????!!!!

As we say on Twitter, WTF!

You yave to Han it to the JFTurvert Lie-beral Regime….Nobody does Hypocrisy like they do!

JFT meets the two Michaels upon their return to Canada after over 2 years in Chinese jails…a sentenced allegedly LENGTHENED for political reasons–at the request of the Turvertian government!

4 thoughts on “You have to Han it to them…

  1. What a gong show! I don’t know how this crime minister got his teflon coating but it continues to work for him. A wire brush is needed or a grinder even to get that off. I imagine his lying started when his mom asked him if he remembered to wash his hands after going to the bathroom. It’s been a liar’s ‘shit’ show ever since. Thanks for the great headline. That lifted my day.

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  2. When future generations look up the word “liar” and/or hypocrite in the dictionary there’ll be a picture of JFT.

    In fact, “Trudeau” will replace the word “liar”. As in, Stop telling all those Trudeaus…your pants will catch on fire!”


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