‘Turdblossom Telford’ Testifies before Commons Committee

Katie Telford, chief of staff to the prime minister, waits to appear as a witness at the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs looking at foreign interference, Friday, April 14, 2023 in Ottawa. PHOTO BY ADRIAN WYLD /THE CANADIAN PRESS

Good Friday afternoon, sentients. Just a short update to brief readers on the two major events taking place in Canada today. First we had crucial testimony at the NCI National Citizens Inquiry into the CovID Response in Canada. I watched the entire testimony by a Canadian Geneticist who tore a strip off the entire Canadian so called ‘Public Health’ community vis a vis their response to the HOAX.

You can follow the testimony at this link:


It did occur to me as I watched the riveting testimony of the female scientist that perhaps the Turdblossom’s testimony in Ottawa this morning was timed to draw viewers away from the crucial information she imparted as she spoke…Truth Bomb after Truth Bomb.

Well, after watching the good doctor I switched over and watched some of Turdeau’s Chief of Staff Katie “Turdblossom” Telford testimony before the House of Commons committee into Chinese intervention in Canadians elections.

‘Another convenient non-answer’: Katie Telford stonewalls on foreign interference

‘She was asked a series of very simple questions. They were questions that did not require a top security clearance, and, yet, there was a failure to give proper answers’


Must say it was a clinic in obfuscation and plausible denial. Aided and abetted by the Liberal chair of the committee Telford did a ‘dance of the seven veils’.

Here is a summary of her response to the questioning:

There was a series of tweets by journalist Sam Cooper which leads me to believe Turdblossom did not get off entirely unscathed. Conservative MP Michael Cooper asked a series of riveting questions: Telford was asked whether Trudeau knew about a cryptic text received by another Conservative MP from the Chinese consulate during the last selection. This CCP government text told the Canadian MP that he was NOT going to be elected in the upcoming election! Now, it wasn’t clear whether this MP informed the PM directly about the text but apparently CSIS also knew about it and did inform the PM in a report.

Breaking: MP Michael Cooper asserts that MP Bob Saroya got a threatening ‘cryptic’ text message from a PRC official weeks before the 2021 election, informing Saroya he would not be relected. Telford asked if she had been briefed on this allegation. She says she can’t answer that.

2. Here is the answer and response: “Bob Saroya, the then member of Parliament for Markham Unionville, received a cryptic and threatening text message from Beijing’s Consul general in Toronto, suggesting that he would no longer be a member of Parliament after, the 2021 election.”

3. “Were you the Prime or anyone in the PMO briefed or otherwise have knowledge about that text message?” MP Michael Cooper asked Telford. The context is testimony referred to CSIS intel reports PRC targeted certain Conservatives in ’21, and sought a Liberal minority government.

4. “I can’t speak to that information,” Telford answered. “Why can’t you speak to this information now?” Cooper presses.

5. “Because as I said before, as frustrating as it is for both, or all of us, is I can’t get into confirming, let alone denying information, [and] going beyond the bounds of the security heads, who were here [testifying to PROC] before me,” Telford answers.”



Greencrow continues: The MP, Bob Saroya who was at the time leading in the election polls, went on to strangely lose the election! NOTE; WHY DON’T THE CONSERVATIVES ON THE COMMITTEE ASK THE FORMER MP BOB SAROYA TO COME AND TESTIFY AS TO WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM???!!!

Folks…IMO this is what’s known in politics as a smoking gun! If this actually happened, then the CCP did overtly interfere in the last selection [at least] in a grievous way–a way that did ultimately result in the election of a minority Liberal government. It renders the entire election false–as I have been saying now for months. Ergo, all the legislation passed by this government is also illegitimate–null and void.

The ramifications are HUGE. But as I’ve sadly concluded before…when you’re living under a “Chinese-style dictatorship”, being dead to rights [and catching the government in a treasonous criminal conspiracy] doesn’t mean a hill of beans. No power + no power = No Power.

I note from watching Conservative MP Rachel Thomas in the video above and after reading the entire National Post analysis linked above, the Conservatives are not using the ‘smoking gun’ evidence of a direct threat made to a sitting MP in order to demand a full scale resignation of the Liberals…as they should do. No doubt de-legitimiZing the entire Parliament is a daunting option for them as it makes everything they’ve done and the wages/perks/prerequisites they’ve enjoyed ALSO illegitimate.

No, folks, Canadians are really hooped. We don’t have a legitimate/ethical Canadian focussed government and we have a weak self serving opposition.

Better to spend your time, sentients, following the National Citizen’s Inquiry and giving it your whole hearted financial and emotional support. More bang for the buck there! Stay tuned

2 thoughts on “‘Turdblossom Telford’ Testifies before Commons Committee

  1. Thanks as always for your email blog posts. I have listened to some of the Inquiry testimony, you encourage me to listen more . My hat is off to those who organized this remarkable process and the ones who are stepping up with their testimonies.
    I want you to continue thinking, ranting and digging around in your unique way. How do I send you some thank you money. e-transfers?
    ps I live near Clinton Bc, maybe you wonder just where your written word gets heard.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Edith:

    I do appreciate hearing from sentients [readers] like you! I’ve been to Clinton, BC and know there are some independent-minded Canadians living up there. My husband spent some of his growing up years in 100 Mile House.

    The National Citizens Inquiry is a remarkable Godsend. Real Canadians pouring their hearts out about the CovID atrocity. The female geneticist/grandmother who testified today spoke from the heart as well as from her science background. I did not get her name because I tuned in too late. If I come across it later I will insert it into the post.

    I do not accept money for my work. It’s not worth the hassle but, most importantly, I never want to feel beholden to anyone for what I write. I’m a witness on this planet. That’s all and that’s enough.

    Best regards,



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