UPDATED: Snake Venom in the Vax??

UPDATED: April 18, 2023 Watch this video folks. The puZZle pieces of the covID vaxxxZine are starting to come together!

From Twitter woman connects dots between Arbutus company patent, lipid nanoparticles and substance causing long stringy formations in the arteries of the vaxxxZed dead. Says under certain conditions [exposure to 5G or MRI] these nanoparticles ‘self assemble’.


Snake venom is IMO one of the vax ingredients–why not? They certainly wouldn’t balk for ethical considerations!

Good Sunday morning sentients. We’ve had a long, cold winter/Spring and today has a steady cold rain with 5 degree temperatures here on the Malahat. Another inside day. Today I’m posting some highly cogent links about the vax bioweapon that was launched against Humanity in spring of 2021…around the time my older brother was murdered in the Collingwood, Ontario General Hospital via the CovID lockdown ‘protocols’. These vaccines were relentlessly pushed on all the western humanity even though they were all revealed to be experimental, mRNA gene-editing injections that caused disturbing side effects–including sudden, ‘unexpected’ death.

The Canadian National Citizens Inquiry [NCI] is currently crossing Canada holding sessions where citizens both lay and expert can testify as to how this crime against humanity was perpetrated–with the ‘lockstep’ support and assistance of every single one of the institutions that were sworn to protect Canadians from just such an attack.

Below are some links I have been saving up literally for months. The one about snake gel/venom in the vax above I am posting because I still believe in Dr. Brian Ardis’s theory that this is one of the ingredients. I am just waiting for the inevitable other shoe to drop. So please read the link above first and then below are some more incriminating videos and links. As usual, I will have final comments to follow:


The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe

“COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Incentive Program”


Great Blogger Henry Makow posted recently about Ricardo Delgado’s excellent research into the presence and purpose of graphene in the vax. This is a ‘must read’:

Ricardo Delgado – Graphene Turns Vaccinated into Conductors


“…When graphene, inoculated and labeled as a “vaccine”, comes into contact with blood, it generates the formation of a protein biomolecular crown. The function of this crown of proteins is to protect our biology from the introduction of foreign material to make it go unnoticed. However, certain groups label it as toxic and relate it to the spike protein. Once again, with the sole intention of diverting the focus from the origin of all damage in biology, since evil is caused by the cause – graphene – and not by its consequence – the crown of proteins.

M del A: Assuming that the vast majority of readers are approaching this information for the first time, I would like to break down the most important points about the situation we are experiencing and, specifically, about the content of the “vaccines”. What they have discovered in The Fifth Column is alarming. How did they arrive at these conclusions and on what basis are they?

R D: We rely on the evidence corroborated through observation, on the guiding principle of the scientific method, on the use of scientifically validated tools to know and characterize what we observe. Our research has been corroborated in different parts of the world, which has allowed us to establish a predictive model that made it easier for us to even anticipate what was going to happen.

M del A: They have found reduced graphene-oxide in the vials; however, many doubt and others deny it. Why has this become a taboo subject?

R DWhen we review the toxicity or presumed biocompatibility of the material in human biology, the scientific literature is also very clear. Graphene or its derivatives, such as reduced graphene-oxide, has intrinsic properties, including superconductive; magnetic in contact with living cells; piezoelectric; high capacitance; radiomodulable; flexible and transparent….

M del A: What is the first reaction of the organism to the entry of graphene?

R D: The first response mechanism is inflammation wherever the material passes through our biology. That is why you are seeing myocarditis; pericarditis; myopericarditis; lung inflammation… It also goes through purification systems such as the liver and kidney. In the liver it generates inflammation of the same (hepatitis) and important problems in the kidney -where it remains for a long time-, when it filters the blood contaminated by the material. It also permeates the central nervous system, by superconducting affinity, where it alters its functioning, generating paralysis of all kinds. It inflames neurons leading to various types of neuropathies, including initial memory loss, inattention, brain fog or difficulty concentrating.

By amplifying the damage of non-ionizing microwave radiation, it considerably increases oxidative stress, which contributes to premature aging and the appearance of various types of cancer and tumour tissues.

In reproductive cells – and according to the scientific literature itself – it affects the motility and mobility of human sperm, drastically reducing male fertility.

It also affects hormonal regulation in women, contributing, in short, to their infertility and generating postmenopausal syndrome.”



Bringing the vaccine bioweapon genocidal attack on humanity back home…here is a mother testifying as to what happened to her beautiful little teenaged daughter….

Abby’s Story


And finally, an update to the continuing coverage of the extraordinary number of Canadian doctors who have dropped dead due to the bioweapon they’ve been forced to disburse to themselves and their patients:

Greencrow concludes: I encourage all my readers to check into the testimony at the National Citizens Inquiry as it travels across Canada. Please sign their petition of support if you have not already done so and send them a donation if you are able. I have sent them a $100 donation. They are NOT being government funded so every dollar means a lot in defraying the considerable travel and film expenses of conducting such a courageous group effort to uncover the truth about what happened…is happening…to humanity as a result of this vile, Satanic attack on our species. Here is a sample of the quality of the witness testimony to date:



Every day I see in the headlines and on Twitter reports about people who have died or have been seriously injured as a result of injecting mRNA and the other vile ingredients into their human bodies. Make no mistake about it folks, this was a successful depopulation attack. Months and/or years after the injections people are still coming down with heart conditions, fast acting cancers and neurological diseases. We were told by the brave and truthful doctors and scientists from the beginning that the full extent of the adverse effects could be years or decades away. So far all cause deaths have risen an average of 20% across the nations that were sucked into the mRNA gene-editing vortex. Deaths of babies and infertility have also risen alarmingly. This seems to be the trend.

People will be dying younger and birth rates will be dropping over all the mainly white nations [with the exception of Russia which did not participate]. So this was an attack on white nations so that nations of colour could be stripped of their professional/mobile classes–raided to provide mass immigration.

Why? My theory is that everything is geared towards attacking Russia–which controls Siberia, the last resource-rich frontier on earth. The Satanists realize that whites fundamentally do not want to go to war against other whites [heloowww] and so they want to populate the NATO countries with enough blacks and coloured to amass a big enough army to ultimately attack and take over Russia.

That is why Trudeau [with his feeble narcissistic ‘intellect’] has been mind-controlled to hate his own race. JFT needs to be the puppet who brings in enough blacks and coloured men [and trans women] to go up against the Russians. When will this happen? They might have their dynamic in place in about a decade…about 2033.

In the meantime, they need to cut back on white citizens in all the NATO nations. The vaxxxZines and the Trans genderiZation of the next generation are specifically designed [by McKinsey Corp?] to achieve this end. Stay tuned.

Doctor Naomi Wolf lists the ingredients in the vaxes and names lipid nanoparticles but not graphene…why not? Is this what’s known as a “limited hangout”?

17 thoughts on “UPDATED: Snake Venom in the Vax??

  1. Greencrow says:
    “Snake venom is IMO one of the vax ingredients–why not? They certainly wouldn’t balk for ethical considerations!”

    No doubt Greencrow. I suspect they put venom peptides in different batches as part of their big experiment.

    That Australian Brown snake( in the photo at the top) is the 2nd most deadly snake in the world for venom toxicity.

    I hope the young lady injured by the jab can get some help but I doubt it will be the Allopaths helping her out since they don’t know what’s in the jab… or how to detox the body effectively like Naturopaths. I remember a Floridian woman named Brittany Galvin who was injured by the jab had to resort to Naturopathy for help. I think she had some success.


  2. Hi FreakedOut:

    I’m convinced there’s snake venom in some of the batches. Some were so lethal the victims dropped on the spot. Some led to severe respiratory crises, which is what snake venom does. ‘They’ would consider themselves amiss to run a global experiment and NOT test the properties of the ultimate bioweapon–snake venom. So, as I say…I’m just patiently waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Re the young girl who was maimed by the shot with no compensation for a lifetime of disability–these are the tragedies I keep shoving in the faces of my vaxed relatives. Ordinary people, being suddenly viciously attacked by anonymous perpetrators who not only get away with it…but are made billionaires by doing this. Nobody who fell for the scam knows what’s going to happen to them as they live their ‘post vaxed life’. I for one sleep soundly knowing that at least I did what I could to protect my own health…and I warned others as much or more than most. We did our best FreakedOut. As my mother used to say: “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.”


    1. Remember the BBC reporter Lisa Shaw(44) who died soon( 3 weeks)after the jab?
      Here’s one to show the vaxxed family members:

      “Confirmed vaccine adverse event”

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      1. Thanks for posting this FreakedOut. Yet another human ripped from her family’s arms for the sake of the Deep State/Big Pharma De-pop caper. They WILL learn that humans do not forget who attacked their families. It makes us want to throw ourselves on the funeral pyre. They should be wary of that predilection of our species.


  3. To read about the deaths, disabilities and cancers is bad enough.

    But when it happens to family members, relatives and people you know it becomes reality.

    Everyone of them has had multiple doses and is in denial of why this is happening including the so called medical professionals.

    So many deaths you start to lose count.

    Blood, stomach, prostrate and nose cancers etc.

    Diagnosed with cancer one month dead the next month.

    Hospitals overrun.

    In regards to immigrants they’re our replacements and exempt from taking the jab(s).

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    1. Yes, Minsky, the immigrants are meant to take over from us and to serve the masters better than we ‘privileged’ whites ever will. Some have said the next year will tell the tale. Hope it does…I’m weary of the waiting and the status quo.


    1. Hi Hooralhaqiqa. Good to see you around these parts. Can you believe the sewage coming out of Ottawa these days with the latest Trudeau Foundation news? How he can stand in front of the camera and still prattle away is a mystery to Canadians. Absolutely NO shame!


  4. Greencrow says:
    “Doctor Naomi Wolf lists the ingredients in the vaxes and names lipid nanoparticles but not graphene…why not? Is this what’s known as a “limited hangout”?”

    Limited Hangout/Gatekeeper sounds about right to me.

    I consider Jeff Rense and his sidekick Erica Khan, the “MIT scientist”, also in this category after listening to them for over a year. Simple questions to Rense via email were never returned, like what’s Khan’s education level, PhD…etc. In addition, Henry Makow has exposed Rense for the narcissist he is.

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  5. FreakedOut. Here is another video made by the same doctor you referenced above. Here he’s talking about what the embalmers are discovering in the bodies of the dead. Long stringy globules in the arteries of the dead.

    He says that the globules are made up of are proteins. Well, we need a lot more information about what kind of proteins–spike proteins? How are they formed?

    The doctor btw is fabulous…I’m sure the perpZ are shitting their pantZ with someone of his calibre speaking freely on Youtube.


    1. A good video Greencrow and …NO… the story is not going away! Evidence of a huge crime the bioweapon jabs are just keeps on piling up every day.

      There is also the possibility of inoculation by way of the long test swabs used in the fraud rt- PCR tests. Talk about another big crime.

      ICYMI, Maria Zeee did a great interview with Edward Dowd talking about excess deaths. Ed put lots of hard hitting and undeniable data in his new book which is available on Amazon.

      “Edward Dowd – CBDC’s, Financial Collapse IMMINENT, Vaxx Deaths EXPLODE!”


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      1. Ed Dowd says he sent a copy of his book to all vaxxed family and they said they won’t be getting any boosters!

        “”Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – December 13, 2022″


  6. Hi FreakedOut thanks again for the links. Can you imagine how the Shit is going to hit the fan when Robert F. Kennedy Jr gets his campaign underway and brings the vax genocide into the open???!!! People of post Kennedy generations have no idea of the Tsunami that awaits them once a Kennedy starts campaigning. There’s really been nothing like a Kennedy political campaign in my life experience post JFK/RFK. They create an electrifying atmosphere. IMO Robert F. Kennedy Jr is twice as galvanizing as his father and uncle. Twice the life accomplishment and 100% more courage and chutzpah! Wait for it!


    1. Talk about a WILD ride with the RFJ Jr campaign. I can hear the Fake Stream Media trying to spin anything having to do with RFK Jr, they’ll reach new levels of spin and lies and/or they won’t mention a thing about his CHD Org and work against the COVID toxic jab. But people will probably check him out online. I can see Twitter going wild! 😲
      HUH!,,,the PerpZZZ will be scrambling for the nuclear launch codes/keys…”hit Russia now!!”….”call The Zionists in Israel and ask them what we should do?!?!?”

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      1. Yes I’m sure McKinsey Corp [and similar ilk] has already racked up billion$ of dollars brainstorming about how to ‘deal’ with the coming RFK Jr. campaign. Walking on eggshells they must be. How to ‘cancel’ him without ‘cancelling’ him…dontchaknow.


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