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Work Will Make You Free?

Good afternoon Pure Blood Sentients. Well, hellooooooooo….lol the great “Cyclone Bomb“[TM] predicted by the “weather” Legacy Media for British Columbia over the past several days has petered out. It just suddenly disappeared “Poof” off the weather maps! No explanation, no nothing. It’s now raining lightly with no winds to speak of in the Pacific Northwest. I recommend readers go to my HaZmat Fire post to read my analysis of what went down…or more correctly…what did NOT go down.

I also highly recommend that readers watch the video of the Mountie whistleblower, Cpl Daniel Bulford being interviewed by Truth Warrior David Whitehead. Then go to the actual Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, read the letter and then sign it–just as over 30,000 others have done so far.

One thing that Cpl. Bulford said that stuck in my mind during the interview was that one of the most dangerous aspects of what the Federal Liberal Government of the Turd has done in this criminal, psychopathic roll out of a dangerous toxin…is to foment hatred between the vaxZed and the unvaxZed. Bulford said this could lead to some very serious and negative reactions in the population. When I heard him say that, I knew exactly what he meant and it can be summed up in one word…Rwanda. I wrote many posts on my old Blogger platform as to what really went down in Rwanda in 1994 that led to the massacre of millions of Rwandans. The victims were cut down by their machete-brandishing neighbours in the streets, in their homes and in their churches where they sought shelter.

Later on, at the “Truth and Reconciliation” gatherings where the perpetrators were granted clemency…in return for telling what they did…many of the mass murderers said they had “heard voices” [some said “on the radio”] telling them to kill their neighbours. A few years later a French Canadian doctor then disclosed publicly that the entire atrocity was fomented by the CIA and the UN “peacekeepers” including Canadian peacekeepers under the direction of General Romeo Dallaire.

Dr. Pierre Gilbert – “Contaminating the bloodstream will be enforced by law” (1995) | From the Trenches World Report“…People will become Zombies.  Don’t think of this as a hypothesis…this has been done.  Think of Rwanda.*[see footnote below for more information on this]

The Canadian doctor said that the Rwandans were first mass vaccinated [which was and still going on in many African countries under the instigation of Big Pharma]…then they were subjected to radiation waves emitted from military planes with satellite receivers flying overhead. The Rwandans were supplied with machetes by the CIA. The perpetrators of this “Test” atrocity deliberately set one group against the other by means of biological and radiation weaponry and then stood back and watched while the massacre unfolded. No wonder General Dallaire suffered extreme PTSD afterwards.

Folks, do you not think this is what the Turd is setting Canadians up for–with his “divide and conquer” inflammatory rhetoric? Trudeau may be hoping that, by turning one group against the other…the first group will merely stand by and watch as soldiers come and drag their neighbours and even their family members off to the gulags. Yes, folks, one of the intended purposes could be to facilitate the removal of the “lesser than” group into quarantine camps. This would be as a prelude to murdering this group and stealing their possessions.

There is evidence aplenty that this mass quarantine strategy is being put in place. Watch the exclusive video made by RAH and his colleague I have posted at the top. It’s quite obvious that, right under the noses of the sheeple, the government is using their tax dollars to set up barbed-wire fenced off facilities in the middle of a large urban area, close to mass transportation systems.

Where are our democratic representatives who should be asking tough questions about what these facilities are going to be used for??? Here’s a commentary by RAH to accompany the above exclusive video.

BC Patriot RAH

The main gist is these camps are going to be set up mainly for Pro Choice UNvaccinated dissidents….

Canadians won’t believe it but the Aussie link confirms it. What happens there [will be] a template to be applied globally.

First time in history healthy are quarantined…[for so-called “health” reasons].

Finally…these camps will eventually house the “UNvaxxed ” who have refused latest Vaxx regimen, i.e., those who refuse whatever latest future boosters are demanded….i.e., 2 vaxxes and 2 boosters may not be enough in near future.

Here is the link that supports this thesis about the quarantine camps/aka Gulags.



Greencrow comments: Remember the anonymous Liberal Party MP whistleblower who released an e-mail back in October of 2020 listing all the steps in the coming Totalitarian Cull? The last step s/he mentioned was the dragging off to quarantine camps of resisters and the theft of their property.

Greencrow concludes: Everyone is at risk here…vaxZed and unvaxZed. The PerpZ don’t see a difference between the two any more than a Chicken Farmer distinguishes between vaxZed and unvaxZed fowl in a barn full of thousands of chickens he’s been ordered by the “Poultry Marketing Board” to cull–in order to keep the price of chicken meat stable.

The good news in all of this is that individuals like Cpl. Bulford have decided to step forward and lay their careers and their lives on the line. Go and sign the Open Letter. That is a first step in our responding to RCMP Cpl Daniel Bulford’s tremendous sacrifice on our behalf.


*FOOTNOTE: The following is copied from one of my old posts on this genocide from my now “locked” Blogger Blog

*NOTE:  FreakedOut reminded me in a comment of the name of the operation, “Operation Crimson Mist”, that took place in Rwanda in the 1994 where the Rwandans citizens were subjected to a mass experiment whereby their brain waves were covertly electromagnetically augmented by a CIA operated plane flying over them with a satellite dish emitting electromagnetic signals.  The electromagnetic waves [precursers to the much more powerful 5 and 6G] affected their brains.  The Rwandan victims were subliminally enraged and provoked [by the electromagnetic signals] to commit a massacre–one group against the other.  The tools of this massacre [machetes] were provided by the CIA. Up to a million Rwandans were killed by machetes in this, one of the most heinous previous Crimes against Humanity.  Articles about this incident have been relentlessly scrubbed from the Internet but, miraculously, I just came across this assessment of what happened, written by one of my favourite all time Truth Investigators…the late, great Joe Vialls!
Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda by Joe Vialls – Telegraph
Since Joe’s report…a Canadian doctor publicly has disclosed that mass vaccinations of Rwandans also played a role in this atrocity. Thanks again to FreakedOut for the link.  You da man!!!Dr. Pierre Gilbert – “Contaminating the bloodstream will be enforced by law” (1995) | From the Trenches World Report
And here is a link provided by Ed(itor) that gives more background into the international cesspool atrocity that was the 1994 Rwanda Massacre…perpetrated by the CIA with assistance from the governments of Canada [under Jean Chretien] and Belgium.
Hotel Propaganda, by Antony C. Black – The Unz Review

Great video cover of the Rock Song “Hot Blooded” for you to enjoy and SHARE

Click on the link below to watch the Rumble video

2 thoughts on “Vancouver Gulag Update

  1. Hello Greencrow,

    It’s Bob the Infrastructure guy! I’m very happy you are up and running again!

    Notes from the US state of VA.

    Stooge McAullife may win the governorship here and try to take our guns but if you have ever been into the Shenandoah or Blue Ridge in Virginia there is no way. I’m an hours drive from Moonshine and shooting country. There are caves, rock peaks and hollers.

    Seguing into another subject. Why do businesses think that Biden’s non vaccine mandate is actually law? It’s not! Biden just made it up!!! There is no regulation, no Statute authority – nothing.

    Now Biden is going to dishonorably discharge military who don’t get the vaccine. They will lose their benefits and pension.

    The man is utter scum!

    Now it comes out that Fauci funds animal torture!

    Now it comes out that Fauci funded a CCP Bio weapon lab for Gain of Function Research! And lied to the US Congress repeatedly about this!

    Now it comes out that the US CDC Director is saying Boosters are needed.

    And Daniel Andrews in Australia is forcing Boosters (He is getting nervous now).

    Recently General Colin Powell died after getting ‘vaccinated’. The MSM will tell you he died of blood cancer!

    I saw that Max Igan fled Oz for Mexico. I hope he can still broadcast his great videos.


  2. This is my Video for Gates, Fauci, Collins, Andrews, Macron etc.

    Creedence Clearwater Revival!!

    There is definitely a Bad Moon on The rise!

    “Don’t Go Out Tonight
    They’re Bound to Take Your Life”


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