Turvert Victim – One of millions

Mila Neufeld Canadian Student – killed by Turvert’s attack on our fundamental freedoms

The Turvert must resign by the end of this week. Canadians have wasted enough of our precious time on him, his International Handlers and his Big Pharma buddies. We need to heal, to rebuild our nation and reinforce all our institutions–particularly the ones that affect our children–in order to protect our fundamental freedoms from ever being usurped like this again.

5 thoughts on “Turvert Victim – One of millions

  1. Greencrow,

    This is so sad.

    I hate reading things like this.

    For me I grew thru and out of being bullied and intimidated. It took me most of my life. Thru a mild heart attack. Most friendships gone.

    You can see the mistakes young people are making and it will cause enormous damage.

    Reiner Fullmich opening statements for Nuremberg 2 defined our enemies. They both hate and fear society at the same time. Amazingly people obey these enemies.

    Chris Hedges said it best – these evil Tyrants do not know the time or the place of their demise, but it happens very quickly.


  2. Greencrow, I started, then erased this comment many times – I don’t usually have a problem finding words.
    I have a daughter who fits Mila’s description almost to a “T” . My daughter is very hurt, but has not committed suicide. My daughter is, by choice, taking Grade 12 for the second time because being unvaccinated, she can only pursue higher education online, which she is reluctant to do, and because she is competition level at sports, and she was hoping this school year things would be “open” and she could attend provincial sporting events and maybe get scouted. Instead, there are no sports outside of the local school, and she gets kicked out of school every time covid is contact traced back to the school. She gets punished with ten days at home because she is somehow a threat. (has been averaging about 10 days per month) I have argued with the school principal who like a broken record simply repeats over and over that she is “just following orders”.
    Meanwhile, my daughter has gone from a very sociable, well adjusted teen ready to explore what life has to offer, to a child who is lonesome, sullen, and spending way too much time in her room reading books ; her zest for life being incrementally strangled in the face of an uncertain future.

    I am worried about my daughter. She used to be so happy……
    The article above gives voice to our unspoken fears.

    The whole machine that brought us covid, the lockdowns, the vaccine and vaccine passport needs to be removed. It has no place in Canadian society.

    The damage to our youth is justification enough.


  3. Hi CanadianNotCommunist:

    Our entire society with its political, medical, educational and cultural institutions have lethally failed our young. This was by design. They don’t want young…they want robots and AI.they don’t want the elderly either…but that’s another comment.

    Your daughter should know that by preserving her pureblood she gives hope to our entire species to defeat the Satanists. Those young who have been vaxxxZinated will be sterile. She will be able to continue our bloodline and her blood is absolutely precious.

    I hope your daughter is not on any SSRI anti-depressants. It was pointed out to me in the nick of time how dangerous those very common medications are.


    SSRI medications can induce suicidal ideation in some people. Perhaps Mila was unknowingly on SSRI medication and this is why she took her life. In fact, I was on SSRI antidepressants for 20 years and had no problems. Then the CovIDian Cult with all its bizarre, psychologically unhealthy rituals took over, causing me great emotional stress. About a year and a half ago I began to have suicidal ideation but never connected it with the meds I had been on for years.

    Just a month or so ago regular contributor and “soul brother” FreakedOut caused me to become aware of the connection between SSRI’s and suicidal ideation. Not my doctor of over 25 years…FreakedOut. My doctor had never said one word about the connection between suicidal ideation and SSRI even though I had phoned her twice during the past two years in crisis and said I wanted to commit suicide!

    After my conversation with FreakedOut and my new awareness of the side effect of
    SSRI’s, I phoned my Doctor and told her I was going to wean myself off the SSRI med by starting to take only 1/2 pill a day. She responded: “Okay, Here’s my plan for you…reduce your daily intake to 1/2 tablet per day until it’s all gone.” Exactly what I was doing anyway on the advice of FreakedOut!

    This is the state of medicine these days. So please watch what meds your daughter is on, CanadianNotCommunist. Keep reassuring her that the “Real Men” have finally showed up in Ottawa and are now fighting for the purebloods. We WILL win. We have to!

    All the best to you and your precious daughter,



      1. Great, CanadianNotCommunist
        Hope she’s on a course of vitamins and especially vitamin D. I also recommend making some plans for her for the future. Perhaps a cross Canada car trip or a trip up north to the Yukon. Anything to keep her forward focused. And give this precious sentient daughter of yours a big hug from me.



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