Good morning freedom fighters. It is another beautiful, but cold. sunny day on the Malahat. The war for control of the reality on this planet continues and accelerates. Who would have thunk it…but the primary battlefield at this juncture seems to be my home and native land of Canada. Who knows why…but historically wars were always fought in the hinterlands…the relatively unspoiled lands with the most untapped out resources…so maybe that’s the reason. While it may heat up to be a hot or fighting war at any moment, now it is just a psychological war for control of the reality.

It went like this. Two years ago, in January of 2020, the long planned snatching of reality took place. Humanity was enveloped in a fog of manufactured fake reality…a Plandemic Hoax complete with rising death numbers, overwhelmed hospitals, TikTok dancing nurses and doctors, ritual masking, lockdowns, and, finally, forced vaxxxZinations with an Experimental mRNA gene therapy accompanied by a mandatory vax passport needed to travel abroad or go anywhere in society.

The above was a totally fake reality designed and rolled out by the folks in Hollywood and the criminally complicit mass media. Supposedly the majority of humans in the west [English speaking and white European ancestry] fell for this fake reality.

Belatedly, the sentients, who had been caught completely flat-footed, began to wake up and emerge out of the fog of the manufactured reality. Now we have begun the fight to bring back our own reality. This reality is based on us having power in the dynamic, the power to rule our own lives and particularly our own bodies. We know how high the stakes are here. Sentients simply cannot exist without this fundamental power and we would be better off dead than without it. That is why, down through history the cry has rung out:

“Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”

The two realities cannot co-exist. One simply cancels out the other. Trudeau, with his febrile intelligence…even he knows that in his gut. That’s why he’s hiding out and is afraid to confront the Trucker Convoy. He knows that even by acknowledging their existence, he cancels out his own. It is as stark and as simple as that. That is why this tweet appeared early this morning:


“Justin Trudeau’s itinerary today simply says: “Private meetings all day” Dude is gone. He ain’t coming back. What next???”

That is why he has ordered his underlings to continue and escalate their covert campaign of subterfuge:

The Trudeau Tyranny Strikes Back!!! (Videos)

https://stateofthenation.co/?p=106208 H/T Dennis

All…while Trudeau maintains his distance and silence…maintaining his reality…no matter what the cost to Canada and Canadians. Former NHL Hockey player and Freedom Warrior Theo Fleury puts it another way this morning:

The reality thieves pretend to steal the fuel of the truckers. Since the truckers keep their diesel fuel locked in their cabs and brought enough knowing they were going to be in Ottawa for many weeks, I don’t know how the police got to it without a search warrant. More likely, they got a bunch of empty jerry cans and pretended to confiscate fuel…more of their never-ending fake reality.

Even if the Ottawa demonstration is forcibly scaled back–folks, Canada is a huge nation and they can’t “wack-a-mole” all the planned demonstrations like the one below:

Freedom Warriors on Horseback near Coutts, Alberta

And this one yesterday in downtown Vancouver…


Or, this one being planned to take place at a BC border crossing….

Everytime the Freedom Warriors inject another dose of sentient human reality into our society, more sheeple wake up…or at least their slumber becomes more uncomfortable…full of fretful dreams and images….foreign to the pap propaganda they’ve been fed for years by the Hollywood/Media Lie Merchants.

I was thinking, for instance, about Ben Gordon again this morning. He’s the American who woke up in Flagstaff, Arizona Medical Hospital with a vent tube down his throat, an IV tube in his arm and a catheter in his penis. The night before he had been drinking and rolled his car in the AriZona outback. Conscious and basically uninjured, he was trapped in his car for about 10 minutes before paramedics arrived at the accident scene and…wait for it…without one word to him, jabbed his left arm with a narcotic, rendering him unconscious for about eight hours.

When Ben came to, he was in a hospital bed all hooked up as aforementioned. As he tells the story, he was filled with an amazing amount of strength and awareness coming from some place deep inside his being. He immediately took out the vent tube, IV needle and, with a tremendous amount of pain, removed the catheter, causing heavy bleeding. Ben then got out of bed, opened the door to the hallway and spoke to the masked nurses there, asking them why he had been put on a vent. “Because you have CovID” was the snippy reply from one nurse. It is theorized by some that Ben was kidnapped to kill him via ventilator/drugs/starvation and then harvest his organs.

Ben eventually made it out of the killing field hospital and lived to tell the tale on his IPhone which then went viral. Stew Peters has already interviewed Ben and I am looking forward to watching this interview. The reason I again relate the story of Ben’s horrific trip to the hospital is twofold. First, this is a rare case of a sentient human crossing over to the deep underbelly workings of the Satanic Reality and then making it back to our Reality unscathed. The information/intelligence gained from such rare crossovers is precious for our cause and for waking up the sheeple.

The second reason I have related this shocking story is because it shines a light on the reality of our hospitals…particularly our small community hospitals where the Satanists are now in full control and operating with impunity. This apparently has been going on for some time and God only knows how many patients [in addition to my two-years-older brother who was murdered in Collingwood Veteran and Marine Hospital, Collingwood, Ontario last March 2021] have not made it out safely. Here’s a link to just one small element that describes how the hospitals are now ruining human health for fun and profit:


I’ve been a patient in a hospital five times since I became an adult. Once to give birth to my now 51-year-old daughter. Twice to give birth to my two adult sons by caesarian delivery, once for cancer surgery when I was 50 and once to donate a kidney to my husband when I was 69. Every single time I was amazed at how horrible the hospital food was. I always wondered–Why can I go on an airplane and eat a delicious meal when I am perfectly healthy…but when I my health is at risk I am fed pure garbage!? Well, folks…nowadays, even the food on the planes is pure garbage…so that comparison no longer applies. But I do remember when plane food was absolutely delicious…so they can provide it if they want to. So, again I ask…why is hospital food so relentlessly atrocious and lacking in nutrition or esthetic value?

Is it part of the Perp Reality of using hospitals to cull humanity at a profit?

In closing, and to bring us back to the “Cusp of Reality” sentients are now precariously perched on–we are poised to win. The Centre cannot hold. Sooner or Later Trudeau’s self-created “bubble of silence” will burst. The entire Globalist ploy always hinged on the involvement/activation of the Canadian Armed Forces. As the Ottawa Perp Asset Mayor mewled yesterday…the Ottawa police do not have the numbers [or the will, or the ability to call in reinforcements from other police forces] to control the crowd for long. The Turvert has been talking about calling in/activating the Canadian Armed Forces literally for two years now!

He has harrassed, bullied, threatened and blackmailed the Canadian Armed forces with nothing to show for it. They continue to hold their fire. Perhaps he soiled his own backyard when the Turvert attacked the Canadian military leadership one after one with sexual innuendo lies, smearing their character and causing them to resign one by one in disgrace. Perhaps this is payback time for the Military. Perhaps they understand that…once they do his bidding and smash the Trucker Convoy demonstrators…he’ll cull and replace them, force them to get “booster” shots…and other unmentionables. So, following the Turvert’s diktats and augmenting his “Reality”, is a zero sum game for the Canadian Military. All they need to do is to hold back and hold their fire.

The rise in heat and pressure resulting from the ongoing and escalating demonstrations by the Truckers–will ultimately burst the Turvert’s bubble of silence. So that’s what is going on. Who will win the “Cusp of Reality Power Play” between elite Globalist/Satanists vs. human sentients is now a waiting game. The mentally stronger of the two factions will likely end up being the winner.

Mounties 4 Freedom @mounties4free
RT @KrisEriksen77: Friendly reminder to be very self-aware at this time. Emotional roller coasters cannot be maintained over long periods.…

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson on Twitter:

“Tonight, Ottawa Police conducted an operation, seizing fuel and possibly other things. There were snipers on two rooftops during the operation. Nonetheless, the spokesman says this, ‘We’re fully prepared to be here into the spring and into the summer’.”

Yes, in the Spring and Summer, diesel fuel to heat the sleeping accommodation of the Truckers’ vehicles will become less of an issue. Also, who’s to stop the Canadian military running a covert-op and delivering supplies to the truckers themselves? Stay tuned.

The Cusp of Sentient Reality – Freedom for Humanity

8 thoughts on “ON THE CUSP OF REALITY

    It looks like the Federal government is going to sit down and negotiate according to Justin:

    “Stop honking horns IMMEDIATELY”


    1. How come the judges can act so quickly to stop horns being honked…but cannot act fast enough to save our children from the vaxxxZine Experimental gene therapy injections???!!!

      Appointing a negotiator sounds bogus to me. Isn’t that what our elected MP’s are supposed to do…intercede/represent for us with the Government? Who is this individual?

      Just another stall tactic while they gather their ballZ together, IMO


      1. Hi FreakedOut
        I was sent that video by Simon Hicks but told him/her that I would not be posting it because I suspect it is cover-op dysinfo. They guy doing the video has a military/police bearing and everything he says is just too stiff and formulated.


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