UPDATE: 3:19 pm PST Watching the live feed from Ottawalks on the link above and very impressed with what’s going on RIGHT NOW in Ottawa at the Trucker Convoy Blockade in downtown Ottawa. This is THE place to be for the young at this point in history. Music and dancing in the rainy and windy street…party atmosphere. Fuck Trudeau! signs everywhere. LOL no wonder he wants to shut the thing down! Reading the running commentary on the Ottawalks site some of the women are drooling about Canadian men. Well, I have to say even at my ripe age..I’m finding myself suddenly attracted to Truckers! LOL. Well, real women have always been attracted to real men…going back to the days of the cavemen. That’s all I have to say about that. Enjoy your Friday, folks!

UPDATE: Following Twitter today folks. Was booted off briefly this morning [as were other truthers] but back on now. Things are really heating up. Turvert is on TV blustering about severe consequences for the Trucker Convoys/Demonstrators. What’s really happening is that he’s pissing his pants because now the Canadian Armed Forces is coming out in favour of the Truckers…Turverts’ dancing wildly around trying to distract from this BOMB! Here is a screen shot from the Twitter video that’s causing Turvert to crap his pants! I cannot post the video for some “strange” reason:

UPDATED: 2:40 pm PST CBC reports on the Canadian Army Major who spoke out against the vaxxxZine “genocide” being perpetrated on Canadians by the Turvert government. Here is the link to the CBC report. Here is a link to the CTV report which goes further to spin the incident. You can gauge the corruption of the Canadian Media by watching how far each goes to stain the reputations of the dissenters. BTW these are soldiers who have given decades in the service of their country…and now are booted out because they will not be blackmailed into taking the genocidal injection.


Good morning readers. Today the development I’ve been waiting for for two years has finally happened. A Canadian soldier of over 20 years experience, highly educated and highly decorated has broken ranks and has spoken out against the Trudeauian CovIDian Cult VaxxxZination Genocide. Here is his message:

This video might be hard to access because of course they don’t want Canadians especially to see it. Put the URL in your browser and go from there. It is a video of a Canadian soldier, a Major in the Armed forces, urgently warning Canadians about the attempted political coup that’s going on in Ottawa and in the Provincial capitals. If this message does not stir and wake up Canadian sheeple…probably nothing else will.

The rest of this post is a collection of links I’ve saved since yesterday. at the end of the post is an e-mail I sent this morning to regular contributor Dennis. In it, ironically, I reference the necessity of the Canadian military to speak up…just moments later I found the above video on Twitter. I want this to get out ASAP so will end here. But, today’s the day folks so STAY TUNED.

Hi Dennis:

I am sure Trudeau would LOVE to pull that off [calling in foreign troops] to save his sorry ass. As I’ve said many times on the blog…and I may say it again today now that you’ve reminded me…the “dog that did not bark”…And it’s not barking very loud at this point…is the Canadian military. IMO Trudeau spent years, literally, trying to corrupt and infiltrate the Canadian military in preparation for a thugish put down of a Canadian grass roots revolt.  What he did instead was alienate all the career leadership in the Canadian military by impugning their reputations one after another with sexual innuendos.  So now he has no cachet with the Canadian military…they are NOT coming to help put down the Truckers.  

IMO, that’s why this talk of “bullshit threats coming from Washington”.  BUT if they tried to come to Canada the Canadian Military would likely oppose them.  So then the cat would really be amongst the pigeons.

I am very heartened to see the courage and determination of the Trucker leadership.  This is causing the entire world to look to Canada and take heart…NOT what the bullshitters wanted.  Did you see this video clip from Alberta?


Notice particularly the demonstrators reciting ‘The Lords Prayer” at the police.  This is like waving garlic in front of a vampire.  The Perps are absolutely terrified of awakening the real Christians.   IMO, this is our “vimy Ridge 2.0 moment”.

If you don’t mind, I think I will copy and paste the above in today’s post.  

Greencrow concludes: After watching the video message made by the Major in the Canadian Armed Forces…this is how I feel today!


  1. Re: Freedom Convoy…
    Always good to hear from someone working as a program director at a radio station in Alberta.👍

    Freedom Convoy heart-warming Story – “You have to see with your own eyes!” | IrnieracingNews

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  2. Hi FreakedOut.

    Yes, I did tear up while watching the above video. The push is on.

    I feel like Canada is like a woman in the last stages of a long and hard labour [which I personally have experienced] The last few moments the entire body is centered on getting that life out into the world…One Big Last Painful PUSH!!!

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  3. Oh F#ck..
    I guess if crime is down 90% in many areas the next best thing is for cops to justify their treasonous Cheka jobs is to harass law abiding people pursuing their charter rights.


  4. Greencrow,

    Sorry for my very graphic humor.

    If you have a pet turtle that’s what they are. All God’s creatures great and small.

    I’ve seen mine eat spiders.

    In my wanderings into the Virginia wilderness I hear the Bard Owl. The only bird of prey that will eat skunks. They have no scent! They have ears that are different elevations on their head to better track their prey.


  5. Re Milk River video posted above by EagleEyed

    I suggest./recommend that they focus on the “authorities”

    ……video each and every cop in the line-up so to… at minimum…. they could be identified in the future(ie badge numbers) and perhaps walk behind…

    …..send the message that “WHEN” ..not “IF” …the SHTF….they will be NUREMBERG’d 2.0 as thugs and accomplices for one of THE biggest crimes against humanity.

    We need to break these gov’t thugs…….that’s the next level of engagement in this battle.

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    1. Hi RAH:

      You and I have agreed from the outset that we need to identify the Police in these confrontations…which are going to get more numerous and more serious. I have a feeling they’re going to bring masked foreign mercenaries in. There should be demonstrators specifically assigned to do close-up photos and ID’s of each and every police person. For later Nuremberg 2.0 trials of course.


  6. GC says:
    “Well, I have to say even at my ripe age..I’m finding myself suddenly attracted to Truckers! LOL.”

    Okay….that’s it…. I’m going into trucking, the hell with electronics!!! There’s got to be a need for Truther Truckers!! 💪😎😄

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      1. No disrespect to our sacred females….

        It is not a stretch that majority of rebel truckers are MALES….who now have exited from shadows and are now in WARRIOR mode,….in Daddy Bear mode… in spite of their demonization by femi -nutzis.

        What goes around comes around in payback mode….


  7. I guess if you’re living in a truck cab for a couple of weeks it kind of affects your ability to shave, etc. But after enduring the past two years of LGTBXYZ Trans bullshit promoted by Trudeau…It’s great to see some real men at long last!

    Oh, and that soldier “Stephen” in the video above isn’t hard to look at either…as we used to say in the ’60’s “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.” lol


    1. Reminds me of a couple of good lines re: observing the opposite gender:

      ” I’m married, so I can’t think about s#x”
      ” Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I’m dead”


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